System StudiesCAD rendering of the conceptual ARIES-CS compact stellarator fusion power plant core.

System Studies

Systems Studies involve the exploration of integrated concepts for fusion energy applications, as well as socio-economic studies aimed at understanding the market potential of fusion and optimum pathways for the development of fusion energy for civilian applications. ARIES (Advanced Reactor Innovation and Evaluation Studies) is the largest element in the Systems Studies activity. The ARIES Program is a national, multi-institutional research activity whose mission is to "perform advanced integrated design studies of the long-term fusion energy embodiments to identify key R&D directions and to provide visions for the fusion program."

Since the 1980's, the ARIES Team has performed detailed studies of several embodiments of potentially attractive fusion power plants, including tokamaks, stellarators and reversed-field pinches. Extensive documentation is available at the ARIES web site. Other focused studies of selected issues for fusion energy development have been performed, including an alternative applications study (the neutron source study) and Demo goals and requirements (the Starlite study).

For more information on the ARIES program, please visit the ARIES web site. More details on the ARIES-CS compact stellarator conceptual power plant design, shown above, can be found in a special issue of Fusion Science and Technology, vol 54 (3), 2008.