Research Highlights

Research Highlights


January 4 Framework for an Issues Based Fusion Energy Roadmap
January 4 ORNL is fabrication W-Re-Os alloys to study transmutation in W exposed to neutron irradiation


November 27 Implementing TRL's in the fusion program
January 16 Real time wall conditioning with boron and boron nitride injection in ASDEX-Upgrade


November 28 JET Shattered Pellet Injector
September 26 Enhancing the Performance of PFMs through Solute-stabilized Nanostructured Tungsten Alloys
March 21 Irradiated Materials Characterization Capabilities at ORNL LAMDA
January 17 Fusion Energy Systems Studies: 1( Wrapping up the FNSF Study, 2) Beginning the Liquid Metal PFC Study


June 18 Developing boundary and plasma-material interface solutions on DIII-D for next-step devices
July 16 The Development of Ultrafine Grain Tungsten and Tungsten Alloys for Fusion Applications
Aug 27 The Fusion Nuclear Science Facility, Providing the Basis for a DEMO and first Commercial Power Plant
Oct 15 Bulk metallic glasses for fusion applications


June Application of Helicons to Off-Axis Current Drive in DIII-D and FNSF
Dec 18 Application of Helicons to Off-Axis Current Drive in DIII-D and FNSF
Nov 11 ELM Mitigation Using Pellet Injection and Plans for ITER
Nov 11 Workshop on RF Heating Technology of Fusion Plasmas US-EU-JPN Heating Technology Workshop, September 9-11, 2013, Speyer, Germany
Oct 16 Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Damaged Tungsten Surfaces
Sep 18 4th International Workshop on Plasma Material Interaction Facilities for Fusion Research (PMIF 2013)
Sep 18 Plasma Facing Components 2013 Meeting - Summary for VLT Call
Aug 21 Overview of the ITER Plasma Facing Components
Jul 17 Recycling of Radioactive Materials — a Must Requirement for Fusion
Jun 19 R&D in Support of the Shattered Pellet Technique for Disruption Mitigation
May 15 M&S Support for Fusion Applications
Apr 17 Global Energy Technology R&D
Mar 20 Highlights of 1st IAEA DEMO Programme Workshop, UCLA, Los Angeles, U.S.A., 15-18, October 2012
Feb 20 The ExCEED Facility for Beryllium Dust Explosions
Jan 16 ITER Disruption Mitigation System Conceptual Review Highlights - Options for ITER



Dec 12 Recent Advances in Modeling and Simulation of Plasma Material Interactions
Oct 17 Progress of ITER Ion Cyclotron Transmission Line and Matching System Tests Including 6 MW Resonant Ring Operation
Sep 19 New Advances in Computing TBR and Application to ARIES Power Plants
Aug 15 Watt's Happening in ECH Technology
Jul 18 Initial Operation of MHD PbLi Facilities at UCLA. Near- and Long-Term Experments
Apr 18 The ORNL High-Flux Helicon Source and PhIX
Mar 28 Growth of Tungsten Nano-Tendrils in the Alcator C-Mod Divertor


Nov 16 Pellet ELM Pacing Developments
Oct 19 LIFE Overview
Aug 17 Physics design calculations for the W7-X divertor scraper element
June 15 Status of ORNL/ENEA-Frascati Collaboration on IGNITOR High-Speed Pellet Injector
May 18 EAST Erosion/deposition Experiment
Mar 23 The FES Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC) Program Background and Future Plans
Feb 16 High Heat Flux Removal utilizing Flowing Lithium with the LiMIT (Lithium/Metal Infused Trenches) Concept
Jan 19 Simulation measurements of tungsten fuzz in confinement devices


Dec 15 Initial operation of the ORNL high flux helicon plasma source for PMI research
Sep 15 Status of Fusion Neutronics Predictive Capabilities
Aug 18 VLT Report: The Fusion Trend Line
July 21 TBM Mock-up Experiments at DIII-D and Implications for Ferromagnetic Fields
June 16 Recent Developments in High Temperature Superconductors (HTS) for Fusion Magnets
April 21 Fusion Nuclear Science Facility: Its Mission, Characteristics, etc.
March 17 U.S. Selected Dual Coolant Lead Lithium (DCLL) TBM Status
Feb 17 ITER Fuel Cycle Paths To DT
Jan 20 Scientific and Technical Challenges for Development of Materials for Fusion

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Nov 18 Determination of hydrogen isotopes solubility in the eutectic PbLi alloy (LLE)
June 17 Disruption Mitigation with Shattered Pellets
April 14 Support of ITER in the VLT's Base Technology Program
Feb 18 International HHFC Workshop on Readiness to Proceed from Near Term Fusion System to Power Plant
Jan 21 ITER ECH Transmission Lines

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Dec 17 Massive Pellet Testing at ORNL in support of Disruption Mitigation on DIII-D
Nov 12 INL Fusion Safety Program
Sept 17 Fracture Toughness of Neutron-Irradiated CuCrZr
Aug 20 First Wall Qualification Mockup (FWQM) Testing at Sandia
July 16 The Initial Commissioning of the ITER-Like Cyclotron Antenna on Jet
April 16 Parameters influencing the D/Be ration in codeposited material and Implications for tritium retention in ITER
March 19 Edge Localized Modes in ITER - Pellet Pacing Mitigation
Jan 16 First Wall and Shield Generic Design -- First Wall Quality Mockup Testing

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Dec 19 Recent Results of ITER TF Conductor Performance Tests
Nov 20 A Novel Experimental Technique for Exploring the Transport and Fate of Helium in RAF/M Steels for Fusion
Oct 17 Really, Really Efficient ECH Heating Systems
Sept 19 ITER First Wall and Shield Design
Aug 22 Response of Plasma Facing Components to Different Plasma Instabilities
July 18 Pellet Dropper Device for ELM Control on DIII-D
June 20 US Activities in Safety and Standards in Support of the ITER Preliminary Safety Report
May 16 Improved Cast Stainless Steel for ITER Shield Wall Modules
April 18 Making Sense of Fusion Radwaste: Recycling and Clearance, Avoiding Disposal
Jan 17 Innovations in 3-Dimensional Neutronics Analysis for Fusion Systems

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Oct 4 Mixed-material studies in PISCES-B
July 18 Tritium Effects on Materials Overview
June 21 Can Megawatt Gyrotrons Achieve an Efficiency >50%
May 17 Development of Nano-Particle-Strengthened Steel
Jan 18 ITER Test Blanket Module (TBM)

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Nov 16 QA, Safety and Licensing Related Codes and Standards Issues
Oct 19 Modeling of ITER Pellet Fueling
Sept 14 Effects of Transverse Loads and Pure Bending on the Critical Current of Nb3SN Superconductors
Aug 3 Disruption Analysis Module 18
June 29 Results from Recent Test of the JET ITER-Like High Power Prototype ICH Antenna
Jany 12 Plasma-sprayed Be-armored FW mock-ups for ITER